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The Easiest Way for sustainable rewards

Ascend Finance
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What We Do

Staking for 1% Daily

Users can stake the $climb token for 1% daily (365% APR). Staked $climb rebases once every 24 hours. Rewards must be claimed 24 hours after each rebase or they get burned and surrendered. Manually compound for higher earnings.

Autocompounding & Lock Bonus:

$climb holders can lock their tokens for 30/60/90 days to have their token autocompounded. Your tokens rebase every 48 hours with this strategy. Buy, lock, and earn if you prefer to lock and chill. A bonus rebase % is earned when locking 60 or 90 days.


As a reward to encourage users to lock their $climb token within the Ascend ecosystem a lottery prize will be paid out every 45 days. Users can also earn lottery tickets by checking in with the Ascend Dapp daily.

50/50 and Daily Contests

Users can participate in daily contests to earn BUSD or $climb tokens. These contests allow users to gamble for rewards and funnels revenue back to the protocol at the same time.


  • 280,000 tokens to LP
  • 420,000 tokens to be sold in presale 1 @ 0.1$
  • 933,333 tokens to be sold in presale 2 @ 0.15$
  • 1,000,000 tokens to team and treasury
  • 6,000,000 tokens to staking rewards 1,376,667 tokens to NFT rewards
  • Launch price @ 0.2$
  • Initial Market Cap – 526K


Buy Tax- 3%

Lottery – 1%
Treasury – 1%
Liquidity 1%

Sell Tax- 7%

Lottery – 1%
Treasury – 3%
Liquidity 3%


Presale and Public Launch


The first presale will be open to Whitelist users only and will be hosted on Pinksale. The total raise will be 150 BNB.


The second presale will take place 2-3 weeks after the first Presale raise completes, also on Pinksale.


The public launch of Ascend Finance will happen within 48 hours after 2nd Presale. The $climb token can be purchased on


Unstaking tax is dynamic the longer you have your tokens staked. The longer you stake your tokens, the less tax you will pay.

Unstaking Taxes

Staking the $climb token for longer periods of time will lower the tax you pay when unstaking your tokens. If you unstake any amount of your staked $climb tokens your tax resets to the highest level of 10%.

Dynamic Unstake tax